Friday, August 8, 2014

Embellishments : binge Cricut cutting : Accent Essentials cart

Hello !
Today i wanted to share how i use my Cricut machine. After i got the Silhouette i have hardly used my Cricut. But i have 13 carts each costing a lot of money so obviously i want to get the most out of that. 
I came up with binge cutting and thanks to Cricut-CraftRoom. If u haven't yet tried it u just got to. Its pretty cool and love the free font they have in the software. I'm still not able to link my gypsy but i think they r working on it.

My process when i scrap - i like all my embellishments already made and i just choose what i want to put on the layout. I have found that is easier for me. 

This is what i do. today i will share my process using Accent Essentials cart.

1. select all the images i like on the cart. and place them in 6x6 size areas. cause i will be cutting these from 4 papers.

2. i choose 4 papers from one 6x6 paper pad. (yeah i have too many of those.) sometimes I do mix the papers with another having a neutral color, but mostly it will be be from one 6x6 paper pad. That way i know when i layer the pieces they will co-ordinate.
also i try to choose double-sided papers so that i can get even more variety in my designs. 

today i choose papers from MME-Lost&Found2 and Authentique-Kraft Black/White. here is showing the A Side and B Side.

3. then set up the papers on the mat and cut.

4. then i separate my flower layers. and i also separate the other elements in board categories - like swirls, stars & hearts, others.

5.  next i assemble the flowers. On some i use brads and some i use foam tabs. i will distress or scrunch or glitter then as per my layout later on when i use them.

From the off-cuts i punch out small circles or small scallop circles to add to the layers if i think i need it. 

6. lastly, I put all the different element categories in small baggies, and i put everything including the off-cuts in 1 zip-loc bag and label it with the name of the paper-pads i used.

I do the same steps with different 6x6 paper-pads. 

here is another example using 6x6 pad from Pebbles-Family Ties. 

I will also re-shuffle my images in the craft-room for 4x6 paper placement - to use my DCWV 4.5x6.5 paper pads and do 1 set. (i do trim my papers to 4x6).

here is one using 4.5x6.5 DCWV paper-pad 

Aren't they cute. lovin them. they all look different though they r all from the same cart. 

this way i know i have used my Accent Essentials cart and my 6x6 paper pads and my 4x6 paper pads.

Hope u have enjoyed this share and this inspires u to look at u'r Cricut carts in a new light.

If u have any questions/comments please leave me a note in the comments. 

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  1. Love the "binge Cricut cutting" . Such a great idea I also do a lot of pre made elements that are ready when I scrap.
    Cindy F.